[Djinn Dominion 01] • Stolen

Author: Pope, Christine

Subject: Fantasy; Science Fiction

Publisher: Dark Valentine Press (2018-04-18)


[Djinn Dominion 01] • Stolen ebook cover
Her world ended…and his began. Leila Donovan doesn’t know why she survived the deadly disease that wiped out most of humanity. And she doesn’t know why a group of beautiful, deadly beings are hunting down the few remaining survivors. All she knows is that if she doesn’t keep running, she’ll die…and when at last she’s cornered by one of her fearsome pursuers, she’s sure her luck has finally run out. Malik al-Mazin selected Leila as his Chosen, his human partner for eternity…although she evaded his pursuit for far longer than he would have wished. Now he has her at long last, and will do whatever he must to prove to her that he’s worthy of her trust…and her love. But even as the two of them begin to grow closer, an evil from Malik’s past reaches out to tear them apart, forcing him to seek a terrible revenge….