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The EPub (electronic publication) online reader is a free option to view epub files.


Either upload an epub file or provide an url to it.


NOTE: The Ebook shouldn´t be larger than 250MB

What is an .epub file?: The EPub (electronic publication - file extension .epub) is a specific file format developed for ebooks (electronic books). The format was developed by The Epub format, as an open standard for ebooks, is also used in newspapers and magazines. Contrary to other doc formats (like pdf), epub was developed keeping with the idea of adaptability to different devices; as it has flexibility to display font size and text flow.

How to read an .epub file?: Epub files can not be open directly in a browser, it is necessary to install a plug-in to make the browser able to display them, or you can use our online reader.

Note on .epub format version: There are several version of the epub format (as today, EPUB 3.0 is the latest). Older .epub files could be missing features supported by EPUB 3.0. The most usual still in use is EPUB 2.0.1 (Version EPUB 2, standardized 2007, final release 2010. Source: ).

Rights/Disclaimer: The epub online reader is a free use app. Nevertheless, the .epub files themselves could be copyrighted. The usage of this site with the purpouse of viewing a copyrighted epub files is sole responsability of the final user.