48 Hours in San Diego

Author: Lonely Planet

Publisher: Lonely Planet Publications

48 Hours in San Diego ebook cover

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Two perfect days in San Diego

Whether you're a local looking for a long weekend escape, or a visitor looking to explore, Lonely Planet's Trips series offers the best itineraries – and makes it easy to plan the perfect trip time and again.

Everyone knows road-tripping is the ultimate way to experience California. You can drive up, down, across and around state or amble more leisurely along the Pacific Coast. Whether you're on a quest for the perfect California beach, a tour of California's best wineries, exploring the state by train or being in awe of the redwoods, we've got you covered. Our authors drove, paddled, walked, cycled, rode the rails and hopped buses all across the state to bring you their 68 favorite trips across California.

This eBook-only offering is an excerpt of Lonely Planet's California Trips, which includes 68 themed itineraries across California. The trip chosen for this...