Beginner Drum Lessons - Progressive

Author: Peter Gelling

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Publisher: (2013-07-19)


Beginner Drum Lessons - Progressive ebook cover

Teach yourself how to play drums with easy-to-follow drum lessons, carefully designed for the beginner to learn to play the drums.

This eBook edition features free online video and audio for every example. You can see and hear how each is played by a teacher, then play along yourself with the professional band backing tracks. Also includes drum kit and score animations for easy music reading.

"Great for any beginner drummer! ... teaches the basics for any style of music... If you're learning the drums, you need this book!" —James G, Beckley WV

This book contains all you need to know to get on the road to becoming a great drummer—in one easy-to-follow, lesson-by-lesson drum tutorial. Suitable for beginners of all ages and all types of drum kits including acoustic and electric drum kits. You do not need any prior knowledge of music or drums to teach yourself to learn to play the drums from this book.

Teach yourself:

  • Important drum...