A Better Man: Episode 1: The Wedding

Author: Manus Dare


A Better Man: Episode 1: The Wedding ebook cover

The only thing Katelyn White wants is to marry John Barton, the most eligible man in the county. It's their wedding day and nothing could spoil it. Nothing, except for one man. Derek Steele.

John knows Katelyn has never completely gotten over her alpha male, bad boy ex, but he doesn't care. After today Katelyn will be his wife and they can both leave Derek Steele far behind. However, Derek has plans of his own and when he unexpectedly shows up in Katelyn's dressing room, it sets off a chain of events that will take the newly married couple to places they never expected. How far will Derek go to prove he is A Better Man?

Episode 1 of a 3 part series!A Better Man: The Wedding is a short story of cheating and betrayal with a cuckold ending that may, or may not, be a happy one.