Discovering Domination

Author: Shaw Montgomery

Subject: Adult; BDSM; Domination; Erotica; Fiction; Human Sexuality

Parker knows what he wants in a woman… a Mistress to love and serve. Parker is the picture of what every single woman is looking for. Sexy, successful, and looking for a serious relationship. The only surprise…he just happens to like his women a little bit more dominant than most. JJ knows what she wants in a man…. she’s just been going about finding him all wrong. JJ is driven, focused on her business to the point of obsession, and has terrible luck with men. When she meets Parker, the attraction is instantaneous. But how does she date an alpha submissive who wants a Domme not just a girlfriend? When these two meet the sparks fly. But will their differences tear them apart or will JJ be willing to explore her sexuality in a way she never imagined?