Agents of Influence

Author: Henry Hemming

Publisher: PublicAffairs (2019-10-08)


Agents of Influence ebook cover

The fascinating story of the British spy who was sent to America to manipulate public opinion and influence the presidential election of 1940...and draw America into World War II.
The question of whether America should get into World War II led to one of the largest and most consequential political feuds in our history. The British government, already pulled into the war, was seeking to recruit a powerful ally, but first they needed the help of the American public. The MI5 agent William Stephenson was chosen to change their minds, by any means necessary.

In this fast-paced and surprising book, Henry Hemming shows how Stephenson came to New York and flooded the American market with propaganda in an effort to re-elect Franklin Roosevelt and show the devastation wrought by the Nazis. His chief opponent was Charles Lindbergh, an insurgent populist who campaigned under the slogan "America First," and had no interest in the war. This set up a shadow duel between...