AP Physics 1

Author: Kenneth Rideout

Publisher: Barrons Educational Series (2020-06-12)


AP Physics 1 ebook cover
Barron's AP Physics 1 Study Guide: With 2 Practice Tests, Second Edition provides in-depth review for the AP Physics 1 exam, which corresponds to a first-year, algebra-based college course. Comprehensive subject review covers vectors, kinematics, forces and Newton's Laws of Motion, energy, gravitation, impacts and linear momentum, rotational motion, oscillatory motion, electricity, and waves and sound.
This fully updated book offers in-depth review for the exam and helps students apply the skills they learned in class. It includes:

  • Two practice tests that reflect the AP Physics 1 exam (in terms of format, content tested, and level of difficulty) with all answers fully explained

  • A short diagnostic test for assessing strengths and weaknesses

  • Practice questions and review that cover all test areas

  • Tips and advice for answering all question types

  • Added information about the weighting of points by...