The Hardware-Software Interface

Author: John L. Hennessy

Publisher: Elsevier Science

URN:ISBN: 978-0-12-8

The Hardware-Software Interface ebook cover
Modern computer technology requires professionals of every computing specialty to understand both hardware and software. The interaction between hardware and software at a variety of levels offers a framework for understanding the concepts that are the basis for current computers. Computer Organization and Design, the leading, award-winning textbook from Patterson and Hennessy, used by more than 40,000 students per year, continues to present the most comprehensive and readable introduction to this core computer science topic. Improvements to the new 6th edition, including new sections in each chapter on Domain Specific Architectures (DSA) and updates of all of the real-world examples in the book, will help to keep it fresh and relevant for a new generation of students.
  • Winner of a 2014 Texty Award from the Text and Academic Authors Association
  • Covers parallelism in depth with examples and content highlighting parallel hardware and software topics
  • Includes new...