All Roads Lead To You

Author: pictureswithboxes

Subject: Fanworks; Mature; Squid Game (TV 2021); Jiyeong/Kang Saebyeok; Jiyeong (Squid Game); Kang Saebyeok; Seong Gihun; Kang Cheol; Kang Saebyeok's Mother; More will be added as their roles are revealed; Alternate Universe - No One is in Debt (Squid Game); Alternate Universe - College/University; Sort Of; Hurt/Comfort; Implied/Referenced Child Abuse; Implied/Referenced Homophobia; Implied/Referenced Sex; F/F; No Archive Warnings Apply; Implied Childhood Sexual Abuse; Teammates to Enemies to Friends to Lovers; Slow Burn; Very Very Slow Burn; Kang Saebyeok & Seong Gihun; Jiyeong & Seong Gihun

Publisher: Archive of Our Own (2022-05-22)


"For as long as she could remember, everyone in Jiyeong’s life told her to slow down, to take a breath. She was too impatient, always rushing off without thinking, she never stopped to take in the beauty of the world. As a child, she’d run around so recklessly, her mother joked that she was surprised whenever Jiyeong returned home from school in one piece."

Jiyeong has been a sprinter all her life, until one day a simple mistake forces her to do something she never thought she'd have to do. Slow down.