A Comprehensive and Complete GCSE Mathematics Book Self Teach

Author: Shahin Malik

Publisher: Independently Published (2021-01-14)


A Comprehensive and Complete GCSE Mathematics Book Self Teach ebook cover
This book has been written for all students who are doing Mathematics at GCSE level. It carefully and precisely follows the syllabus for Maths 9-1 and is suitable for all examining boards AQA, Edexcel, OCR, CIE, IGCSE, Cambridge O Level. It provides the details and guidance that are needed by students to be successful in the Mathematics examinations up to GCSE level.This book will prove to be valuable to students of Mathematics who are: Revising the subject on their own and who need support with techniques and examinations advice, and need a comprehensive guide with worked examples and lots of practice exercises to check their understanding Studying the subject for the first time at secondary level (Year 7 and onwards) and want to get a good grasp of GCSE Mathematics from an early age to be able to excel in this subject matter Being home-schooled and can learn and practise at their own pace Learning the subject on their own (like mature students) who wants to develop an understanding of MathematicsAs a bonus, this book includes as separate section on concise facts and formulas to remember grouped by topics that students can just browse through efficiently before examinations. Plus, it is packed with: Tips on revision planning and organisation Memorising techniques Examinations preparation advice (before, during and after) Assistance with designing your revision plan How to keep your motivational level consistent. All answers are included for each and every question in this book for you to check your understanding.