550 AP World History Practice Questions

Author: Princeton Review

Publisher: Random House Children's Books (2014-01-28)


550 AP World History Practice Questions ebook cover

THE PRINCETON REVIEW GETS RESULTS. Get extra preparation for an excellent AP World History score with 550 extra practice questions and answers. This eBook edition has been optimized for digital reading with cross-linked questions, answers, and explanations.

Practice makes perfect--and The Princeton Review's 550 AP World History Practice Questions gives you everything you need to work your way to the top. Inside, you'll find tips and strategies for tackling the AP World History Exam, tons of material to show you what to expect on the test, and all the practice you need to get the score you want.

Inside The Book: All the Practice and Strategies You Need

  • 1 comprehensive practice test
    • Over 400 additional practice questions
  • Step-by-step techniques for both multiple-choice and free-response questions
  • Practice drills for each tested era: 8000 BCE to 600 BCE; 600 BCE to 600 CE; 600 CE to 1450; 1450 to 1750;...