A truth universally aknowledged

Author: Sharleena

Subject: Fanworks; Teen And Up Audiences; M/M; Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings; 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS; Min Yoongi | Suga/Park Jimin; Min Yoongi | Suga; Park Jimin (BTS); Jeon Jungkook; Kim Taehyung | V; Kim Namjoon | Rap Monster; Kim Seokjin | Jin; Jung Hoseok | J-Hope; Alternate Universe - College/University; side namjin; side vkook; 5 Things; 5+1 Things; yoonmin; Mutual Pining; Fluff; Sleepy Min Yoongi | Suga; there's... a tag for that; Humor; or at least a lame attempt; Mild Language; Swearing; cameos of other idols

Publisher: Archive of Our Own (2017-02-08)


"It is a truth universally aknowledged that Park Jimin has the most wanted ass out of the whole college."

AKA 5 times that Jimin gets asked out and Min Yoongi butts in + 1 time where the tables are turned.