Bettie Page

Author: RON BREM

Publisher: Lyons Press (2018-08-04)


Bettie Page ebook cover
When the documentary Bettie Page Reveals All was released in 2013, it would have been easy to assume we would never again hear directly from the adored icon. After all, the film is narrated by Bettie Mae Page herself, and she spills on lots of subjects that she had previously kept private–even in her authorized biography–though she does maintain her own decades-long, no-photos rule in the movie. She loathed the effects of aging, said it made her sad to see her own celebrity idols when they were older, and wanted people to remember her as she looked in her pinup days.
Fortunately for the hordes of Bettie fans worldwide, a bounty of unreleased Bettie material awaits. For years–since before Bettie's death from heart failure in December 2008 at the age of 85–boxes and file folders of Bettie mementoes have been gathering dust in the closets of Bettie's nephew's house.
Ron Brem, a musician living in Bakersfield, California, is the only child of...