Draw It With Me: The Dynamic Female Figure: Anatomical, Gestural, Comic & Fine Art Studies of the Female Form in Dramatic Poses

Author: Brian C Hailes

Subject: Art | Techniques | Life Drawing | Human Figure

Publisher: Epic Edge Publishing


Draw It With Me: The Dynamic Female Figure art book explores anatomical, gestural, comic / anime and fine art / life drawing studies of the human female form in dramatic poses and angles, offering step-by-step examples and process descriptions using these varied artistic approaches. To help inspire and educate the novice and master artist alike.

With over 200 full color fully illustrated pages by award-winning artist / illustrator and #1 Amazon Best-Selling author, Brian C Hailes, this book features supine, standing, seated, leaping, flying, crouching, fighting (and more) dynamic female figure sketches and masterpieces, using varying media and from differing angles / light sources with many photo references of the models included. This inspiring and educational art book will most certainly assist in taking your own figure drawing skills to the next level, all while helping you appreciate the magnificent, beautiful, powerful and divine creation that is woman! Grab your pencil, charcoal, pen or stylus, and Draw It With Me!