A Chinese Horror : One Glimpse of Her and He Was Lost!

Author: Rafael Menton

Subject: Extreme; Female Supremacy; Horror


A Chinese Horror : One Glimpse of Her and He Was Lost! ebook cover

The revised edition of Rafael Menton's tale of erotic mind control and female supremacy.

In post-Suez London, a highly-regarded heart surgeon at a party makes visual acquaintance with a woman of indeterminate ethnic background... A woman with whom the single and reclusive surgeon finds himself unusually smitten but, leaving the party early, thinks nothing more of it... Except an image of the woman will not leave his head and begins to monopolise more and more of his thoughts.

Which is when he has a letter from a professor and old friend recently returned from mainland China after one of his frequent trips to acquire both knowledge and antiquities.

The letter invites the doctor to dinner at a Hampstead address and, when he accepts and presents himself at his friend’s door, the stubborn refusal to leave of the woman in his thoughts is made clearer...

And will lead to the end of his life as both a doctor and a man!

This is an illustrated edition.

If you enjoy stories that, without being unnecessarily explicit, trigger those more stygian and erotic areas of the imagination, as well as invoking the spirit of assertive women who are believable as well as dark, it’s more than probable you’ll delight in this collection of stories from a female-led perspective on the subject of crime, horror, the occult and the bondage of man to woman.

Rafael Menton is a Professor of English Literature with a retro passion for the early to mid-twentieth-century fiction of mystery, crime, suspense, and horror with erotic undertones; ranging from Doyle and Blackwood and on to Rohmer – as well as sometimes indulging in a more contemporary take of his own on the work of those masters. **