Author: James Hibbard

Publisher: SitePoint (2020-04-23)


Node.js ebook cover

While there have been quite a few attempts to get JavaScript working as a server-side language, Node.js (frequently just called Node) has been the first environment that's gained any traction. It's now used by companies such as Netflix, Uber and Paypal to power their web apps. Node allows for blazingly fast performance; thanks to its event loop model, common tasks like network connection and database I/O can be executed very quickly indeed.

In this book, we'll take a look at a selection of the related tools and skills that will make you a much more productive Node developer. It contains:

  • Installing Multiple Versions of Node.js Using nvm
  • A Beginner's Guide to npm
  • Create New Express.js Apps in Minutes with Express Generator
  • An Introduction to AdonisJs, a Laravel-like Node.js Framework
  • Top 5 Developer-friendly Node.js API Frameworks
  • Using MySQL with Node.js and the mysql JavaScript Client
  • Introduction to MongoDB