365 Days Of You

Author: UltraRed

Subject: Fanworks; Your Boyfriend (Visual Novel); Your Boyfriend/reader; Your Boyfriend; Reader; Yandere; Reader is not gendered; Obsessive Behavior; Possessive Behavior; Roommates; pandemic au; Emotional Manipulation; Domestic; there isn't a covid tag here and I'm not gonna make one; aggressively oblivious reader; Other; Dubious Consent; Psychological Horror; Rape/Non-con Elements; Canon-Typical Violence; Implied/Referenced Self-Harm; Dead Dove: Do Not Eat; Explicit; Graphic Depictions Of Violence

Publisher: Archive of Our Own (2021-10-11)


For your sanity to remain intact you wanted, ~needed~ to desperately believe that your new roommate was just a bit of an eccentric guy. If that wasn't the case, you didn't know how you'd make it through this lockdown with only him as your company.

(This suited him just fine. And if it didn't anymore, he'd just have to convince you otherwise, right?)