Athena Lee Chronicles 0: The Lost Pilot

Author: T. S. Paul

Subject: Colonization; Space Exploration; Rebels; DNA; secret society; Dinosaurs; Literature & Fiction; Teen & Young Adult; Iluminati; Science Fiction; Genetics; earth; Science Fiction & Fantasy; future; colony ships; space; space ship; Exploration; War; Space Opera; Two Hours or More (65-100 Pages)


Athena Lee Chronicles 0: The Lost Pilot ebook cover

This is the Prequel for the Athena Lee Chronicles.

Before Athena Lee and the worlds that she knew there was an embattled Earth.

Earth was in turmoil before the first colony ship was launched. The Cyber Wars raged across the planet as country battled country. The war was fought until only the Major Powers were victorious. In the aftermath, the United Nations came into it's own. Warriors, trained and bred to be the best the world had ever seen emerged from the shadows, bringing order and control out of the chaos of the Cyber Wars. Sam was one such warrior. Born and bred to serve he followed his orders and became one of the best pilots in the service. The future of man lay in the stars. Colonization was a good way to rid society of the undesirables of Earth. He volunteered to start a new colony and spread Earth's power.