breddos Tacos

Author: Nud Dudhia

Subject: ebook

Publisher: Quadrille (2016-07-24)


breddos Tacos ebook cover

Enter the world of breddos Tacos and discover the ultimate edible plates with this inspired, innovative taco cookbook. The brainchild of Nud Dudhia and Chris Whitney, the undisputed kings of street food, offer over 75 recipes for tacos and condiments. Their awesome dishes include Barbacoa beef cheeks, Yucat√°n chicken with mango habanero sauce, Green chorizo & duck egg, Baja fish tacos and Octopus 'al pastor' with roasted pineapple. In the book, the guys also share their ascent to taco-dom fame; detailing their meat-fuelled Fear & Loathing esque road trip around the Americas, where they discovered the greatest ever flavour combinations - on a taco. breddos Tacos The Cookbook is guaranteed to excite even the most discerning of tastebuds whilst revolutionising what it takes to make truly epic tacos