Buddha at Work: Finding Purpose, Balance and Happiness at Your Workplace

Author: Geetanjali Pandit

Subject: Self-Help; General

Publisher: Hachette India

How can you bring your best and most successful self to work every day? Told in a series of conversations with Gautam, and interspersed with tales from the Buddha’s life – along with real-life stories from people who’ve faced challenging situations in their jobs – Buddha at Work offers invaluable insight that will guide you through the challenges of the modern-day workplace. This book unlocks the secrets to: • Keeping yourself motivated and energized, and being your productive best; • Managing stress and taking control of every workday situation; • Dealing with difficult bosses and co-workers or unforeseen situations like losing your job; • Channelling negativity into a more productive and positive attitude. Drawn from the author’s decades of experience as head of HR in the country’s top organizations, and packed with easy-to-apply practical advice, Buddha at Work will help you achieve your true potential and find inspiration when you need it the most.