All Natural Skin Care Online Guide

Author: Suchi Gupta

Subject: wrinkles; antiaging skin care; best natural skin care; glowing skin; how to get clear skin; natural anti aging skin care; skin care tip; top anti aging skin care


All Natural Skin Care Online Guide ebook cover
Add years to your life, not your skin!I am 33.5yrs of age right now (Ah! Had to tell you this ;) )...and the compliments I get are "which grade do you study in", "Are you married?? I thought you must be in college".Are YOU ready to get such compliments? :)Yes? Great!How do we do it?Nope! I'm not going to share with you the regular beauty tips for face like sound sleep, proper diet, anti aging foods, sun safety, drinking lots of water, having green leafy veggies...You have not paid for that. :)...and no Botox, no cosmetic surgery, no piercing, no chemicals, no pills, no injections!! No painful mental trauma of any such thing either.Why to go for these when you can get great skin at home without spending a penny, in a natural and healthy way - with Yoga for body and face, Acupressure and homemade tips?Be ready for the new found confidence, to look and feel younger and more attractive, to receive compliments from males and females both..."You look so young, your skin...