A Daughter's Deadly Deception

Author: Jeremy Grimaldi

Publisher: Dundurn (2016-10-20)


A Daughter's Deadly Deception ebook cover
A sinister plot by a young woman left her mother dead and her father riddled with bullets.
From the outside looking in, Jennifer Pan seemed like a model daughter living a perfect life. The ideal Jennifer, the one her immigrant parents imagined, was studying to become a pharmacist at the University of Toronto. But there was a dark, deceptive side to the angelic young woman. For many years she led a double life.
The real Jennifer spent her days in the arms of her high school sweetheart, Daniel Wong. In an attempt to lead the life she dreamed of, she would do almost anything: forge school documents, invent fake late-night jobs, and lie about her sexual activities. When her father uncovered her lies, his ultimatum was severe. So was her revenge: a plan culminating in murder with one key twist … and it almost worked, except for one bad shot.
The story of Jennifer Pan is one of unrequited love, devious betrayal, cold-blooded planning, and a violent and chaotic...