Double Threat

Author: F. Paul Wilson

Publisher: Tom Doherty Associates


Double Threat ebook cover

In the southwestern desert, a mysterious cult prays for the return of the Visitors.
Only one creature can derail that grand and glorious event: An evil entity, known as the Duad, can keep the Visitors from arriving and prevent the transfiguration to come.
Daley, who lives nearby, has a far more serious problem: an alien consciousness that has taken up residence in her head. Medical tests turn up nothing, but still she knows it's there. Among other things, the strange being's voice . . . won't stop talking!
And then Daley discovers she has the gift of healing. She can cure anything and anyone—the halt, the lame, the blind. Despite living in a small town, Daley had hoped to conceal her new ability, but the cult discovers her gift. The belief that Daley is the hated Duad leads to a series of bizarre attempts on her life.
Daley tries desperately to figure out what is really going on—is the voice in her head the devil, the Duad, a wise friend...