Android Application Development with Kotlin

Author: Hardik Trivedi

Publisher: BPB Publications


Android Application Development with Kotlin ebook cover

Unleash the Power of Kotlin for Android App Development

This book aims to provide the knowledge around the fundamental concept of Kotlin languages, and it's an application in Android application development. It covers basic to advanced concepts with practical examples. Each chapter in this book is a step by step journey towards the learning Kotlin and excel in various topics and concepts. It covers topics like data types, various functions, including lambdas and higher-order functions. It also covers advanced topics like Generics, Collections, DSL, Coroutine, etc. Most importantly, such concepts are explained with practical usage of it in Android application. You will get to know what is the best possible way to use these concepts while you develop an Android application. In this book, along with Kotlin, an attempt has been made where few Android-specific topics are also explained. For example, the application is using Architecture components, including ViewModel,...