Author: Robert Hassan

Subject: Analog; retro technology; analog-digital; print culture; Industrial Revolution; technology evolution; human-machine interaction; philosophy of science; Enlightenment; automation; technological alienation; capitalism; modernity

Publisher: MIT Press (2022-12-09)


Analog ebook cover
Why, surrounded by screens and smart devices, we feel a deep connection to the analog—vinyl records, fountain pens, Kodak film, and other nondigital tools.
We’re surrounded by screens; our music comes in the form of digital files; we tap words into a notes app. Why do we still crave the “realness” of analog, seeking out vinyl records, fountain pens, cameras with film? In this volume in the MIT Press Essential Knowledge series, Robert Hassan explores our deep connection to analog technology. Our analog urge, he explains, is about what we’ve lost from our technological past, something that’s not there in our digital present. We’re nostalgic for what we remember indistinctly as somehow more real, more human. Surveying some of the major developments of analog technology, Hassan shows us what’s been lost with the digital.
Along the way, he discusses the appeal of the 2011 silent, black-and-white Oscar-winning film...