Bare Assed

Author: Alex Algren

Publisher: Cleis Press (2013-03-19)


Spanking is probably the most unconsidered model of balance. Though spanking is commonly seen as an act of submission, the spanked has the unasserted power to bring the spanker to their quivering knees. Each of these six stories, paints a picture of spanking that is drastically different from the rest. NT Morley’s “I’m Going to Grab Your Hair” gives us a play by play of what a man driven by lust will do to conquer in “I, Anita”, Lana Fox shows us a lonely woman whose red lips rob men of their juices is finally robbed of hers, Rachel Kramer Bussel uses “Belted” to depicts lustful lashes from a belted lover, finally in “Sunday in Study” Justine Elyot has her protagonist bent over a desk by her lover and punished for a week of bad deeds. Unabashedly, this anthology places men on the receiving end of spanking. Vida Bailey tests a teacher’s limits in “Torn” as a tutor drowns in pleasure delightfully disciplining...