Beyond Good and Evil: Prelude to a Philosophy of the Future

Author: Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Subject: Fiction; 19th Century; General; Classics; Philosophy; History & Surveys; Modern; Ethics & Moral Philosophy; Nietzsche; Friedrich Wilhelm; Philosophy; German; History & Surveys - 19th Century; History & Surveys - General; Philosophy of religion; Good & Evil; Philosophy; German - 19th century; Ethics (General); 1844-1900; Philosophy & Social Aspects; Science; Philosophy: epistemology & theory of knowledge; Modern Western philosophy; c 1600 to the present; Translations into English; Nietzsche; Friedrich Wilhelm;

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA (2009-06-01)


SUMMARY: Nietzsche's mature masterpiece, Beyond Good and Evil considers the origins and nature of Judeo-Christian morality; the end of philosophical dogmatism and beginning of perspectivism; the questionable virtues of science and scholarship; liberal democracy, nationalism, and women's emancipation. A superb new translation by Marion Faber, this highly annotated edition is complemented by a lucid introduction by one of the most eminent of Nietzsche scholars, Robert C. Holub.