Black & Ugly

Author: Styles, Toy

Subject: Action & Adventure; Fiction; Urban Life; Thrillers; General; African Americans

Publisher: Triple Crown (2011-09-13)


Black & Ugly ebook cover

Product Description

Parade Knight hates her complexion. As a result, she considers herself to be unattractive and condones the misuse of her body. Sky Taylor is beautiful, fly and wanted, and loves reminding Parade of her imperfections especially after suspecting that she may be sleeping with her man, Jay Hernandez. Miss Wayne is hilarious and a self-proclaimed girlfriend who enjoys the attention his friends bring. If you let Miss Wayne tell it, he s not a gay, he s just one of the girls. Daffany Stans uses her body for profit and hides a health secret so serious that it could endanger the lives of her friends, considering their sex partners are so closely related. Black and Ugly is a tale of four totally different friends from the same block, whose friendship is tested during a seemingly innocent game of Truth or Dare. When fatal secrets begin to surface, will Parade give up the friend whose shadow she has walked in all her life? And will Miss Wayne and Daphne abandon their friends to save themselves?

About the Author

With a goal to become one of the world s greatest multi-genre African American female authors, T. Styles takes her swing at her true love, Urban Lit writing. Born in Southeast Washington, D.C, and raised in Houston, Texas, she now resides in Baltimore County, Maryland with her son. She credits her creativity to God, the hundreds of DVDs she has in her collection and trailblazers such as Sister Souljah, saying that, In order to be blessed, you have to pay homage to those who ve paved the way. Although writing is her love, she is certainly multi-talented. Having worked as a Certified Massage Therapist, Model and Public Speaker for major companies/organizations such as The Office of the US Supreme Court, Marriot, Carefirst Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Eduserc, she has discovered that her true passion is writing. In addition to working with companies and individuals regarding Health and Wellness issues, T spends her time speaking honestly about the issues she s experienced with the law as a juvenile. She is no stranger to the complexities and issues of the street. I believe urban writing doesn t glorify crime, it brings to light what really exists. It is my hope that through writing, I can steer as many young people away from this lifestyle as possible. To me, there s no harm in that. With an excellent support system, including her son and best friend, she plans to use all of the tools at her disposal, as she strives to create the next great novel.