Conquered by Beasts

Author: Madjic

Subject: Futanari; rape; R-18; Beastiality; Reincarnation; LGBT; Warning extreme content; Action; Insects


Warning This is a story that will offend audiences and contains Sex with monsters. If this is not what you want to read do not read this novel. This also contains Extreme Graphic scenes Including Bestiality(insects and animals), Rape, Characters put in extreme situations. This is not meant for many if any users. This story will not just be animals with the character. Again this is a story not all of you may enjoy please let me know your feelings on it. Again one last time this is a story with EXTREME SCENARIOS that is not just unsuitable for most audiences. Please do not read if you do not want to read these scenes. This is more or less a vent for my more Extreme thoughts and therapeutic when I am in a bad mood. I basically put this up as a therapy when people in my life piss me off and I can't vent it. This Character is basically a whipping post for some of my darker and angrier urges. I will not care if this is not popular in the least. Now with all of the Warnings out there. This is a story about a Genius Exobiologist. God-given abilities make her world-famous to the point where the world praise her or hate her as she drives humanity forward. The one issue in her life is nothing until one day a man got his way into her house and raped her brutally at knifepoint. What that man found was a woman who learned her kink when she was raped. This book at the moment will be slow on updates. I will try to at least have one chapter a month. This will more likely be faster than that. Please enjoy.