Actionable Gamification

Author: Yu-kai Chou

Publisher: Packt Publishing (2019-12-03)


Learn all about implementing a good gamification design into your products, workplace, and lifestyle

Key Features

  • Explore what makes a game fun and engaging
  • Gain insight into the Octalysis Framework and its applications
  • Discover the potential of the Core Drives of gamification through real-world scenarios

Book Description

Effective gamification is a combination of game design, game dynamics, user experience, and ROI-driving business implementations. This book explores the interplay between these disciplines and captures the core principles that contribute to a good gamification design.

The book starts with an overview of the Octalysis Framework and the 8 Core Drives that can be used to build strategies around the various systems that make games engaging. As the book progresses, each chapter delves deep into a Core Drive, explaining its design and how it should be used. Finally, to apply all the concepts and techniques that you learn throughout, the book contains a brief showcase of using the Octalysis Framework to design a project experience from scratch.

After reading this book, you'll have the knowledge and skills to enable the widespread adoption of good gamification and human-focused design in all types of industries.

What you will learn

  • Discover ways to use gamification techniques in real-world situations
  • Design fun, engaging, and rewarding experiences with Octalysis
  • Understand what gamification means and how to categorize it
  • Leverage the power of different Core Drives in your applications
  • Explore how Left Brain and Right Brain Core Drives differ in motivation and design methodologies
  • Examine the fascinating intricacies of White Hat and Black Hat Core Drives

Who this book is for

Anyone who wants to implement gamification principles and techniques into their products, workplace, and lifestyle will find this book useful.