A Coffin Full Of Dollars

Author: Joe Millard

Subject: Western


A Coffin Full Of Dollars ebook cover

Hard, lean, fearless, he is sometimes called The Hunter, sometimes The Bounty Killer, sometimes The Man From Nowhere. He is the quickest gun in the lawless Southwest—and somtimes he is merely called Mr Sudden Death.

Shadrach, with the Y-shaped scar under his eye, is a crafty killer who has foiled The Man With No Name again and again, stealing corpses from right under his bullet. The two bounty hunters—stalking the same human prey for the same prize in cash—have sworn to kill each other on sight...

Apachito: no outlaw has every caused such fear in the hearts of men. He is a snakelike killer who relishes the slow death of his enemies. With his ruthless banditos riding behind him, he's earned his reputation as The Cruellest Gun in The West—and the price on his head is the fattest of all...

A legendary threesome, out for each other's blood—with a coffin full of dollars as the winner's take-home pay!