Bible Believer's Archaeology - The God-Man Rises!

Author: John Argubright

Subject: bible history; bible archeology; bible archaeology; biblical archaeology review; bible study; bible archaeology magazine; bible proof;

Publisher: John Argubright (2021-04-02)


Bible Believer's Archaeology - The God-Man Rises! ebook cover
The fourth book in the Bible Believer’s Archaeology Series continues to provide some of the best evidence from archaeology and ancient history currently available to confirm the accuracy of the Bible. Evidences are provided for Pontius Pilates’ letter to Tiberius Caesar about the God-man, The Biblical Giants, Chedorlaomer and the Kings of the north, Joseph and the famine, Easu’s son Jeush, Moses and the Parting of the Red Sea, Isaiah the prophet, The Fall of Nineveh, Pharaoh Hophra, The Prophet Daniel, Nathan-Melech servant of Josiah, Tattenai and Shethar Boznai of the Book of Ezra, and much more. Ever hear people say that the Bible is just a bunch of made-up stories? This book, as well as the other books in our series, proves otherwise. Take a look and judge for yourself, you will be amazed as to what you find.