Author: Nicole Jordan

Publisher: Ivy Books (2001-10-30)


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*Seducing readers with her scorching sensuality and searing romance, bestselling author Nicole Jordan weaves her most tantalizing love story yet. . . .


A legendary lover and spymaster, the darkly sensual Earl of Wycliff eludes matrimony until a brush with death makes him yearn for a son to carry on his name. The moment Lucian spies the alluring Brynn Caldwell on a Cornish beach, he knows he has found the woman he wants for his bride.

Brynn believes the notorious rake’s fascination with her is driven by a centuries-old curse that dooms the women of her family to tempt men–only to lead those they love to their death. Compelled by dire circumstances to marry Lucian, Brynn surrenders her body to his caresses but dares not give him her heart.

Locked in a battle of wills with his bewitching wife, Lucian begins to suspect that Brynn is a traitor. Before long he finds himself lured into a web of danger and betrayal, where the price of winning his bride’s elusive heart may be his own life.

From Publishers Weekly

Following in the tradition of The Seduction and The Passion, the third installment in Jordan's Regency-era Notorious series is rife with sensual love scenes and the kind of misunderstandings and misadventures typical of the genre. When English spymaster Lucian Tremayne, the Earl of Wycliff, comes across Brynn Caldwell as she's emerging from the ocean after a swim, he finds himself irresistibly drawn to her and offers for her hand in marriage. Brynn refuses, informing him of her family's curse the women in her family are doomed to lure the men who love them to their death. Unafraid of a mere curse, Lucian convinces Brynn to marry him by offering to help her family out of debt. In a plot twist familiar to Regency fans, Brynn and Lucian each struggle to keep their emotions separate from their desire for one another but, inevitably, love blossoms between the two. This overused story line is enlivened by a subplot involving a gold smuggling operation that strikes close to Lucian's home and leads him to mistrust his beguiling wife. The sex scenes here are fewer and less explicit than in Jordan's earlier entries, but the novel's intricate plot and colorful characters more than compensate. This delightful tale will please fans and newcomers alike.

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From Booklist

While searching for a traitor in Cornwall, Lucian Tremayne, Earl of Wycliff and a spy for the English government, is bewitched by the sight of Brynn Caldwell rising out of the ocean like some foam-bedecked goddess. Vowing to take Brynn as his bride, Lucian is at first thwarted by the beautiful siren, who fears a family curse that dooms any man who falls in love with a Caldwell woman. Family debts eventually force Brynn to wed Lucian, but once Lucian suspects that Brynn may be involved in the scheme to smuggle English gold to the French that he's investigating, he's torn between his duty to his country and his desire for his reluctant new wife. Jordan creates a seething sexual tension between Brynn and Lucian that builds into exquisitely sensual, intimately detailed love scenes, which become an integral part of the plot. Readers who enjoy other sensual historical romance writers like Stephanie Laurens or Robin Schone will find this to be an equally seductive indulgence. John Charles
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