Blind Faith: A Summer Romance (Vale Valley Season 3 Book 12)

Author: Brooklyn Roberts

Publisher: Triad Literary (2019-08-12)


Blind Faith: A Summer Romance (Vale Valley Season 3 Book 12) ebook cover

Liane dreads failing her parents, but the boss of Beyond the Veil is too hard to resist.

Liane aspires to become a nun. Throughout her childhood, she attended Catholic school hoping to quickly reach her goal. Although she secretly wants to lose her virginity to a woman, Liane stays chaste. Wouldn’t want to bring shame on her strictly religious parents.

When it comes to relationships, Myra’s track record leaves a lot to be desired. Being the boss of a popular tattoo shop, she’s seen many people she found attractive. Myra hasn’t allowed the countless carousel of partners to bother her. With no desire for children, who needs a firm commitment?

While Myra attends church, she and Liane lock eyes from across the aisle. Despite not wanting anyone long term, Myra is determined to make the shy omega nun her partner for life.

Blind Faith is book fourteen of the popular multi-author series, Vale Valley, a small town open to everyone who needs love and a home. This is an omegaverse lesbian romance with FPreg, knotting, and heat.

A Summer Romance.