Arms (Unfolding)

Author: runtostockholm

Subject: Fanworks; Heartstopper (Webcomic); Heartstopper (TV); Nicholas "Nick" Nelson/Charles "Charlie" Spring; Elle Argent/Tao Xu; Michael Holden/Victoria "Tori" Spring; Charles "Charlie" Spring/Original Male Character; Charlie Spring; Nicholas "Nick" Nelson; Elle Argent; Tao Xu; Issac Henderson (Heartstopper); Victoria "Tori" Spring; Oliver "Olly" Spring; AU; Alternate Universe; Aged-Up Character(s); Slow Burn; Angst; Fluff; Big Tesco; is it weird to have big tesco as a tag; shes the main chatacter; M/M; Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings; Tara Jones/Darcy Olsson; Tara Jones; Darcy Olsson; Nellie Nelson; Hurt/Comfort; Emotional Hurt/Comfort; Multi; Teen And Up Audiences

Publisher: Archive of Our Own (2022-07-02)


Charlie Spring returns home from his second year of university, excited to be reunited and make plans with the gang – movie nights, beach days, and a camping trip are sure to make a great summer. But the last thing Charlie Spring has planned is bumping into Nicholas Nelson in the toothpaste aisle in Tesco on a Tuesday, three years after their breakup.

Set in an alternative universe where Nick & Charlie break up before Nick goes to university