Author: Linda Bonvie

Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing (2018-01-11)


Badditives! ebook cover

Recognize, identify, and weed out the most harmful ingredients in your diet that you never knew you consumed every day!
These days, the food on our tables isn't what our grandparents ate. While it may look and taste the same, even appearing under familiar brand names, our food has slowly but surely morphed into something entirely different. Ever wondered how bread manages to stay “fresh" on the store shelf for so long? How do brightly colored cereals get those vibrant hues? Are artificial sweeteners really a good and healthy substitute for sugar? Or, have you read about the dangers of GMOs but are unsure of how to avoid them practically in your diet?
Whether you're an experienced label reader or just starting to question what's on your plate, Badditives! will help you cut through the fog of information overload. With current, updated research that has been compiled into a practical and straightforward guide, Badditives! identifies thirteen of the...