A Novel

Author: Terry Miles

Publisher: Random House Publishing Group (2021-06-08)


A Novel ebook cover
Conspiracies abound in this surreal and yet all-too-real thriller in which a deadly underground alternate reality game might just be altering reality itself, set in the same world as the popular Rabbits podcast.
“A taut mystery for a time of conspiratorial madness.”—Cory Doctorow, author of How to Destroy Surveillance Capitalism
It’s an average work day. You’ve been wrapped up in a task, and you check the clock when you come up for air—4:44 pm. You go to check your email, and 44 unread messages have built up. With a shock, you realize it is April 4th—4/4. And when you get in your car to drive home, your odometer reads 44,444.
Coincidence? Or have you just seen the edge of a rabbit hole?
Rabbits is a mysterious alternate reality game so vast it uses our global reality as its canvas.
Since the game first started in 1959, ten iterations have appeared and nine...