Author: Cherie Mitchell


Ambush ebook cover

Summer is going to be a little unpredictable this year.

Peak season is approaching and Paul Chisholm, local park ranger and grumpy overseer of the five interconnected lakes in the region, has his work cut out for him. With a natural tendency toward laziness and a penchant for reminding people of the park rules, Paul spends his days patrolling the wilderness areas and ensuring that safety is paramount and hazards minimal. In charge of his own schedule, he has plenty of time while he's parked up in the serenity of the woods for long coffee breaks and for pondering ways to encourage Daisy from the Homestead Diner to accept his offer of a date.

However, Paul's comfortable life and the small-town peacefulness of nearby Brookfield are rudely disrupted when a spate of unexplained disappearances start to occur. One or two missing persons could possibly be explained away as drowning deaths, but this is different. There's an underlying strangeness about these disappearances that hints that a far bigger problem may be afoot, although the root of that problem is proving to be elusive and difficult for both Paul and the local police department to pin down.

There's something in the water at Boulder Lake and whatever it is, it's ferociously hungry, unwaveringly fearless, and rapidly gaining the upper hand.