Always Take the Bumpy Road

Author: neutrinobomb

Subject: Fanworks; Formula 1 RPF; Daniel Ricciardo/Max Verstappen; Daniel Ricciardo; Max Verstappen; Lewis Hamilton (Formula 1 RPF); Sebastian Vettel; Pierre Gasly; Kimi Räikkönen; Michael Italiano; Lando Norris; Alternate Universe - Firefighters; Trans Male Character; Coming Out; Dating; Developing Relationship; Pre-Relationship; Secret Relationship; M/M; No Archive Warnings Apply; Anxiety; Panic Attacks; Nico Hulkenberg; Developing Friendships; Decisions; Explicit; Discussion of body parts; Sex; Vaginal Sex; Gay Sex; Declarations Of Love; Morning After; Jos Verstappen's A+ Parenting; Relationship Reveal; Torger "Toto" Wolff; Christian Horner; Jos Verstappen; Cyril Abiteboul; Found Family; relationship support; home break-in; Domestic Fluff; Banter; Car Sex; Semi-Public Sex; Anal Sex; Oral Sex; Marriage Proposal; Engagement

Publisher: Archive of Our Own (2021-07-29)


When a firefighter is lost inside a fire and smoke-filled building, the way out to daylight and safety can be found by following the hose out and remembering that it's Smooth, Bump, Bump to the Pump.
Often, the same advice is true for life: take the bumpy road out of the darkness you're in.
The new probie of Station 71 has an interesting secret that Daniel learns in a sudden explanation. This new blossoming trust changes their friendship...for better or worse.