Amazing Origami Gifts

Author: Rob Ives

Subject: Crafts & Hobbies;Games & Activities;Amazing Origami;Amazing Origami Gifts;Arts & Music;Birthday Party;Chocolate;Chocolates;Daffodil;Flower;Flowers;Geometric;Gift;Gift Box;Gift Boxes;Gifts;Heart Box;Japanese Nobles;Jewelry;Lucky Stars;Nonfiction;Online Store;Origami;Paper Arts;Paper Crafts;Paper Folding;Pen;Pencil;Pencil Case;Pencils;Pens;Puppet;Puzzle;Rob Ives;Rubik's Cube;Snapper;Square Box;Star Box;Talking Head;Washi Paper

Publisher: Hungry Tomato (2019-01-01)


Amazing Origami Gifts ebook cover
ISBN 978-1-5415-0124-9 (LB)
ISBN 978-1-5415-4280-8 (EB PDF)

Create handmade origami gifts for your friends and family, such as a pencil case, a gift box, or a paper flower bouquet. Step-by-step instructions and photographs guide readers through projects of varied difficulty. Crafters will increase visual-spatial reasoning skills while having fun.