Author: S. J. A. Turney

Subject: Fantasy

Publisher: YouWriteOn (2009-01-02)


Interregnum ebook cover

Product Description

Genre: Historical Fantasy / Low Fantasy (Tales of the Empire book 1)

For twenty years civil war has torn the Empire apart; the Imperial line extinguished as the mad Emperor Quintus burned in his palace, betrayed by his greatest general. Against a background of war, decay, poverty and violence, men who once served in the proud Imperial army now fight as mercenaries, hiring themselves to the greediest lords.

On a hopeless battlefield that same general, now a mercenary captain tortured by the events of his past, stumbles across hope in the form of a young man begging for help. Kiva is forced to face more than his dark past as he struggles to put his life and the very Empire back together. The last scion of the Imperial line will change Kiva forever.

From the Author

Please note that the Tales of the Empire series is a work of fantasy and not Roman historical fiction.