The Beauty Who Loved Him (The Beast of Moscow, #3)

Author: Bethany-Kris

Subject: mafia romance; bad boy romance; marriage of convenience; age gap; beauty beast

Publisher: Bethany-Kris (2021-09-24)


The Beauty Who Loved Him (The Beast of Moscow, #3) ebook cover

Kidnapping one's future father-in-law is par for the course for a man like Vaslav Pashkov. Even if done with the best of intentions. But ensuring a safe arrival, and departure, of Vera's father is simply one loose end of many for Vaslav to tie up. 

And his timeline to finish pertinent business just tightened up. 

Now, there's a wedding to plan. 

Didn't you hear? 

The beast is getting married. 




The Beauty Who Loved Him is book 3 in The Beast of Moscow saga. While it does end with a HFN, there is one more book to finish out the couple. TBWLH should only be read after book 1 and 2.