An Anthology of Forbidden Erotica: 28 Depraved Tales

Author: Jessica Sin

Subject: lactating; BDSM; submission; porn; rough sex; voyeur; Exhibitionism; domination; Adult; mature; Toys; messy; Erotic; Erotica; mmf; anal; Lesbians

Publisher: Keyhole Erotica


An Anthology of Forbidden Erotica: 28 Depraved Tales ebook cover

Are you looking for the kind erotica to satisfy even the nastiest perversions? Whatever your favorite kink, this is a feast of erotic short stories, over 500 pages of hot, explicit sex.

Slick and easy to read, these 28 stories comprise over 140,000 words of specially selected filth for even the most jaded palates. Enjoy powerful plotting, captivating characters and above all the kind of daring, taboo sex to push buttons and boundaries. This is a giant helping of great writing - mixing together naughty, smutty and shocking sex in tales that will keep you glued to your Kindle.

If you love everything from groups to lesbian hookups you can get this entire premium collection and indulge all your fetishes and fantasies.

(18+) Sexual Content Warning: This eBook is packed with scenes of graphic sex, and is only suitable for adult entertainment. Themes include MF, MMF, BDSM, voyeur, domination, submission, mature, rough sex, bdsm, lesbians, exhibitionism, anal, toys, messy.

About the Author

Jessica Sin is fast becoming one of the rising stars of digital erotic fiction. A woman who is equally adept working in the male and the female market, she gets the blood pumping with everything from escapist fantasy to explicit, realistic sex. Daring, steamy stories are her stock in trade featuring strangers, neighbors, hot wives and debauched relationships of every shade. She is already preparing Volume Two. Jessica is 31 years old and lives in Italy. and prefers to remain anonymous.

Jessica always appreciates reviews and feedback on her work. If you buy this book or receive a copy though a KDP promotion, please tag and review it.

Exclusive Excerpts

Naked Outdoors For Her Homebuyers - Themes: Masturbation, Voyeur, Exhibitionist

The meeting with the potential buyers was scheduled at around 2 pm, which gave her more than enough time to do what needed to be done; more than enough time to take a stroll in woods without any clothes on.

There was no plan or set guideline for this early morning. And that was the whole point of all of this, to be free of all constraints. She could do whatever she felt like doing now. Whatever felt right at that particular moment. And what felt right at that moment was to continue walking through the secluded forest with all of her nakedness.

Neighbour's Son Trains The Neighbourhood Slut - Themes: F/F; Lesbian

A large grin appeared on the saleswoman's face. "Well don't keep me in suspense for too long. I've been waiting for this since the day I met you."
Sara lifted her business skirt and pulled down her panties. She then lifted the front part of her skirt to expose her bare crotch to the saleswoman. Fresh cum coated her labia, and it was still dripping down from inside of her body.
"There it is," Sara said as she offered herself. "We had sex this morning and he filled me up with his sperm, just like you requested."

Spying On My Best Friend - Themes: Voyeur, Exhibitionist, Hardcore, MF

"Close your eyes, I have a little surprise for you," she told me.
As soon as I closed them, I felt her lips press against mine. Her tongue quickly forced itself inside my mouth and began swirling around, spreading cum all over my own mouth in the process.
"And that's for spying on me..."

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4 A Summer With My Nanny
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6 Can I Watch?
7 Compulsion
8 Babysitter's Gift
9 College Student's Teasing
10 Friends Come Together
11 Sex Counseling
12 Getting Her in Shape
13 Helping Her Sex Life
14 Housewife & Slut
15 Hypersexual Friend
16 Dirty Earth Day
17 Debauched Valentine's Day
18 Filthy Christmas Party
19 Cougar's Delight
20 Oral Servitude
21 A Very Special Offer
22 Sunset Threesome At The Beach
23 My Mother's Best Friend's Secret
24 My Teacher Squirts
25 Self Pleasure Outdoors
26 Secret Slut College Nurse
27 Training The Neighborhood Slut