Beyond Digital

Author: Paul Leinwand

Publisher: Harvard Business Review Press (2021-12-21)


Beyond Digital ebook cover

Two world-renowned strategists detail the seven leadership imperatives for transforming companies for success in the digital era.

Yes, the world is chaotic, and no one knows the details of where we're headed. But leaders must not let themselves be held hostage by fear. More than ever, you need to take charge and write your vision for your company's future. This book is your guide.

For companies to succeed in the digital age, executives must reimagine their businesses before they reimagine being digital. They must courageously shed the past to rethink their place in the world and how they compete and collaborate with others to create value.

Companies need to undergo a fundamental transformation, building a new type of competitive advantage—one that is fueled by scale in their differentiating capabilities. They must focus on the few capabilities that power their value proposition. And they must be measurably better than their competitors.