Body Swap Surrogate

Author: Sophie Pert

Subject: Boss; Boss / Employee; Employee; Erotica; Favor; Fiction; Gender Swap; Male to Female Transformation; Pregnant / Having a Baby; Romance; Surrogate Pregnancy; Workplace Situations

Publisher: UNKNOWN (2020-09-16)


Body Swap Surrogate ebook cover

I had no idea that saying yes to having his baby would lead me to so much more.

Sure my boss is charismatic, but I never realized that my attachment to him went so deep. I just wanted to make him happy, to pay him back for everything he did for me and that was my only motivation. To bear his child I'd become a woman, but I never realized the change would be more than just skin deep.

The way he looks at me, the way he treats me. I love it.

I'm beautiful in this body, the woman he always dreamed that he would have. He looks at me like I'm meant for him and for the first time in my life I want that. I'm falling for someone else, but it's the last person I should be falling for.

This was just business, right? He can't really want to be with me? I can't really want to be with him?

If it was just physical, I'd understand it. I've got cravings that come with this new and feminine body. I know that I need it, the touch of a man. But what I really needs runs deeper.

I need him to want me like I want him.

I need him to need me like I need him.

I need him to love me, with a force that's tearing my whole world asunder.

Body Swap Surrogate is a steamy romance about a man trying to repay a debt to his handsome and charming boss, discovering that maybe the pull he's felt all along is something deeper. Discovering that maybe his needs are more than simply skin deep. **