Body Swap Bet: Challenged by My Roommate

Author: Sophie Pert

Subject: Bet; Deals; Bets or Dares; Erotica; Fiction; Gender Swap

Publisher: UNKNOWN (2021-06-03)


Body Swap Bet: Challenged by My Roommate ebook cover

I don't back down from a bet, even if the bet means me becoming a woman. So this is probably my fault. I was the one who decided to go all-in on a stupid idea that I can't even back up. I was wrong when I said that women couldn't experience 'pleasure' like a man could, but just because I'm wrong that doesn't mean I'm going to back down on the bet. The conditions were simple. I got turned into a woman and they got to test my limits. If I reached the peak of pleasure, I'd lose everything. I'd be stuck as her. I'd be stuck as this woman for longer than I was comfortable with. Stuck as someone beautiful and alluring and enticing and exciting and... Clearly I'm in some serious trouble. I have to hold out, even if everything in me is screaming out for release. I have to resist even if all of me wants to let go. I have to deny myself, because otherwise my whole world will change. But when his hands are on me I don't know if that's a bad idea anymore. When I feel everything this feminine body can feel, I don't know if I ever want to go back. I just might lose this bet, but that might mean winning in a whole new way. Body Swap Bet is the story of a man who lays it all on the line when he's forced to prove that women can't experience the dizzying highs of pleasure that men can. In the process he winds up finding out just how wrong he is. This steamy story is only for adults. **